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Easily swap any token

Use Mersona to swap various ERC-20 tokens with ease. You could also speed up or cancel your pending transactions with a simple click.


Now featuring uniswap v3

Uniswap v3 is the latest version of the Uniswap protocol, the best decentralized crypto trading platform on Ethereum. Uniswap v3 improves trading experience for providing better execution prices and lower slippage.

Accelerate or Cancel Transactions

Do you ever regretted making a swap transaction? Or wished you could speed up a slow transaction that is stuck in the mempool? If so, you will love Mersona, which allows you to accelerate or cancel your transactions with a simple click. You have full control over your swap transactions, and you can always get the best deal possible.


  • How do I swap tokens using Mersona?

    To swap tokens using Mersona, you need to select the token pair you want to swap from the swap tab, enter the amount you want to swap and the slippage tolerance (if applicable), and confirm the swap. You can also use the best rate feature to find the best exchange rate across multiple decentralized exchanges.

  • How do I adjust gas price and gas limit on Mersona?

    You can adjust gas price and gas limit on Mersona based on network conditions. You can use the fast, standard, or slow options to choose a predefined gas price according to your preference. Generally, higher gas price and gas limit will result in faster confirmation and higher cost, while lower gas price and gas limit will result in slower confirmation and lower cost.

  • How do I set slippage tolerance on Mersona?

    Slippage tolerance is the maximum percentage of slippage that you are willing to accept for your swap. You can set your slippage tolerance on Mersona by tapping on the x% icon on the swap tab or entering a custom value. The default slippage tolerance on Mersona is 2%, which means that your swap will fail if the price changes by more than 2% during execution.

  • How do I accelerate ethereum transactions on Mersona?

    To accelerate an ethereum transaction on Mersona, you need to follow these steps: Tap on the Trade icon on the portfolio tab and find the pending transaction that you want to accelerate;then tap on the transaction and choose a new gas price that is higher than the original one. Note that accelerating an ethereum transaction on Mersona will not cancel your original transaction, but rather create a new transaction with the same nonce and a higher gas price. This will cause the original transaction to be replaced by the new one in the blockchain.

Still have questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Please submit your question directly to Mersona, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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